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Staying Active During Coronavirus

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April 23rd, 2020

Innovative Prosthetics Staying Active During Coronavirus


Maintaining an active lifestyle when forced indoors can be a challenge. However, staying fit is essential for a healthy mind and body. Just 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day can lead to a longer life. If 30 minutes at one time is too much, break things up into smaller time blocks—(2)-15 min activities or (3)-10 min activities. Set a goal that is reasonable for you!

Need a little inspiration? We’re sharing some activities you can do from home or in your neighborhood while practicing social distancing.

Limb Exercises

Whether you are a new amputee or have been living with limb loss or limb difference for some time, these exercises are a great way to work on your range of motion and balance.

Want more of a challenge? Try some of these with weights?


Put on your favorite music and dance your COVID blues away! Check out a few of these fun playlists on Spotify.


Everyone can use a little zen in their life right now! Check out Yoga for Amputees, a FREE online video series designed for amputees of all activity levels.


Take a stroll around your neighborhood by yourself, with your family, or even the dog. Most cities are allowing residents to do so as long as they practice social distancing. Want to change things up? Try creating a scavenger hunt for the family! Come up with a list of things to find along your walk and see who finds them first.

Stair Climbing

If you have stairs in your home, try climbing up and down an extra time or two during the day.

As always, check with your medical team before trying any new exercises or activities. Only do as much as you feel you can—while 30 minutes is the suggested length of activity time, we recognize everyone’s level of mobility and health is different.

Every prosthesis is unique just like our patients.

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